Genesis Global Media Inc.
A BBM Company
515 Johnson Avenue
Bohemia NY 11716

About Genesis Global Media

Whether you are an existing business looking for greater exposure or a professional looking to vastly extend your network, Genesis Global Media gives you the strategic tools you need.  Becoming part of GGM’s extensive network opens you up to an exciting world of possibilities. You will receive access to an extensive suite of services that will effectively build you into brand identity, provide networking opportunities, gain valuable exposure for your expertise and provide vast networking opportunities.  We make every effort to ensure our clients’ needs are met quickly, efficiently and completely.  We build professional relationships that last for years.

Genesis Global Media is committed to creating extremely successful marketing campaigns matched with highly creative digital and radio communications.  Our talented and forward-thinking staff, cutting-edge marketing strategies, social media trends and search engine knowledge will tailor-fit each marketing campaign to each client's needs.  If you’re interested in launching your business to new heights, GGM will take you there.

Genesis Global Media strategically combines measurable radio marketing, social media engagement and search engine optimization strategies that result in tremendous exposure for your business and professional services.  Through well thought out media partnerships married with highly engaging social media content and an extensive knowledge about the underlying structure of search engines, we get your website world-wide exposure, increased internet traffic and increased business.  GGM harnesses top technologies with highly effective, ethical methods that are proven to work again and again.

Gain access to the tremendous opportunities for growth that await you.  We will show you how to capitalize on them.  Here at Genesis Global Media, we map out your path for success.  We will analyze your present approach, develop your marketing strategy and see them through to fruition.  We take the guess work out of internet marketing for you.  All of your questions will be answered by your personal account manager.  If you have a product or service that you believe in, we will show you how to make others believe in it, too.